Yellow Button XMAS Visual Merchandising : Westfield Bondi Junction

SBYB-WBJ-Sheridan-Xmas-59 copy
SBYB-WBJ-Sheridan-Xmas-49 copy
Yellow Button was delighted to design and create the XMAS Visual Merchandising display boxes for Westfield Bondi Junction. So much of what we see at Christmas time is OTT and our goal was to create something visually eye-catching which represented Xmas in an elegant way whilst not taking the focus away from the product highlighted on the mannequins within the boxes.
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SBYB-WBJ-Sheridan-Xmas-58 copy SBYB-WBJ-Sheridan-Xmas-54 copy SBYB-WBJ-Sheridan-Xmas-3 copy SBYB-WBJ-Sheridan-Xmas-76 copy SBYB-WBJ-Sheridan-Xmas-77 copy SBYB-WBJ-Sheridan-Xmas-78 copy SBYB-WBJ-Sheridan-Xmas-61 copy       SBYB-WBJ-Sheridan-Xmas-59 copy

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