Vogue: Spy Style: Why you need to know Roksanda Ilincic


Roksanda Ilincic’s name doesn’t yield the familiarity of a Vivienne Westwood or Phoebe Philo but once you see her designer you don’t forget them.

Serbian-born and now living in London with her husband and daughter, Ilincic is known for her elegant designs, use of bold colours and nod to historical influences in a truly modern form. Here we talk fashion, designs and growing up with a spectacular Yves Saint Laurent collection.

Claire: How do you want a woman to feel when she wears your clothing?

Roksanda: What is most important for me is that she feels confident and comfortable – I always think feeling great is the best way for a woman to look great!

Claire: As a long time Yves Saint Laurent collector, tell me about your collection. How did you feel with the change from Yves Saint Laurent to Saint Laurent?

Roksanda: I have always been a fan of Yves Saint Laurent, I am incredible lucky that this is something my mother passed down to me. Yves was a true original and I think it is inevitable for Slimane to want to carve out a new direction while still staying true to the heritage of the brand.

Claire: How does it feel when you see someone wearing one of your designs on the street?

Roksanda: It is always humbling to see someone wearing my designs. Whether they are on the street or on the red carpet it is definitely a special feeling to experience.

Claire: You travelled extensively with your parents growing up, how did your mother influence your personal style?

Roksanda: My mother was an avid consumer of fashion and loyal collector of Yves Saint Laurent. I definitely credit her with my introduction into the world of fashion and many of my early reference points can be attributed to her influence.

Claire: What is your favourite period in history and why? Has this influenced your design aesthetic?

Roksanda: My influences are constantly changing and evolving each season. Recently I looked to the comfortable luxury of 1940s American designer Claire McCardell as a reference for my Pre-fall 2013 collection.

Claire: Who personifies the Roksanda Ilincic woman?

Roksanda: I like to design for all different types of women – there is something in my collections for everyone and I love to see how individuals style the garments.

Claire: Share three highlights of your career so far.

Roksanda: Winning my first British Fashion Award this past year was a wonderful highlight of my career.

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