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Natasha Severino, YSL make-up director created these daring Australian make up looks for the beauties in the Myer Spring Summer 14 launch last week. We chatted and I learnt some very key lessons to try on how exactly these bronzed goddesses were created.

Claire: So, talk me through it. How did you come up with this look?

Natasha: This season, as always the collection is so massive and we needed to come up with something thats pulled from the inspiration from the Creative Director and Stylist Jolyon Mason. We had a bit of fun with it this season and broke it up into three sections; day time outback, sexy scuba and outback opera.

Daytime outback is beautiful linens and silks, whites and blues, sort of a casual outback wear. And sexy scuba references the swimwear of the season and a lot of colours come through and are inspired by the Great Barrier Reef or like these neons under water, wet suit materials and things that reference from around Australia. Then outdoor opera you have all your sequences and golds, your embellished cropped patterns. All the beautiful embellishing that falls within the collection.

Another thing that Jolyon took a lot of inspiration from was from an Australian photographer Leila Jeffreys and she takes these incredible photographers native Australian birds; cockatoos, parrots. There was something in the hair and make up brief that he really wanted to reference that of the feathers of the birds. So, with that and also keeping in mind that Yves Saint Laurent is such a colour house, which is perfect, we created this very blended, very tonal, very bronzed base and look to the skin with gold highlights. Then we threw infusions of the colours, like orange on the lips and a soft pink underneath the eye and a really bronzy brown threw the brows. So it is all very blended and bronzy with flashes of colour.

Claire: The lip is quite different to what you have done the last few seasons.

Natasha: We always try to promote different products through the range. It is definitely a softer look to what we have done in the past.  A little different but it is incredibly beautiful.

Claire: I’m loving the detail on the eye and eye brows.

Natasha: Yeah, so pushing the bronzing powder through the brows.

Claire: Can you give me 4 tips on how you can achieve that look. 


1. Le Teint Touche Eclat and Touche Eclat, your two star products to create the flawless base.

2. Then apply the Pure Chromatics, I’ve done a mixture of the two bronzers in that on the eye lids and highlighted cheek bones to catch that light. All the highlighting is done with the lighter colour.

3. Then the bronzer is pushed into the eye and the eye brows. Then the bronzing powder to contour the face.
4. Then the glossy lip stain, the Rogue Pur Couture to give the lip a stain of colour.

We are tailoring each contour to each skin tone. So obviously the lighter girls go a bit lighter and darker girls need to be a little bit darker.

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