Max Azria’s $85 million mansion … 17 bedrooms, 33 bathrooms and a whole lot of luxury

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Max Azria may be best known as the mogul and designer behind the uber successful fashion brand BCBG, but his recent listing may rocket him to the ranks of real estate mogul as well. Azria, and his wife, fellow fashion designer Lubov Azria, are asking $85 million for the expansive estate they share in LA’s Holmby Hills neighbourhood, according to Variety.

The Azrias first bought the nearly three-acre property for $16 million in 2006, before undertaking an extensive expansion. The mansion was redone to the couple’s liking, and now clocks in at 30,000 square foot, with 17 bedrooms, 33 bathrooms and plenty of luxurious decor details, such as a silver leaf dining table and hand-crafted chandeliers. The estate’s gardens, tennis court, screening room, fitness centre, fire pits, outdoor dining area, greenhouse and infinity pool make it an ideal place to entertain the rich and the fabulous, and with so many bedrooms, guests will have no trouble finding a place to crash. Take a look at the pictures below to catch a glimpse of the mega-mansion in all of its opulent glory.

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Images and text via: Elle Decor 

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