Man Up …

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Stripes have long been a favoured summer staple and It’s no secret, I’m mad for a stripe. Blue on white, white on black, whatever the combination may be, I’m sold. It’s an obsession I’ve had since I can remember and opening my wardrobe I’m faced with something reminiscent of a striped leaning tower of pisa made up of all my tees. So, with the warmer months approaching, my pile of striped tees becomes a natural rotation of my everyday summer wear.

However, this summer, It’s all about experimenting with stripes and stepping away from the classic Breton tee. That being said, I introduce… masculinity meets stripes. In my eyes, it’s a match made in heaven. The masculine oversized striped trouser is seriously chic, seriously effortless and relaxed in the most laid back way. It’s the trouser you need for summer. The trouser that will see you through AM to PM.

Since the early days of watching Katherine Hepburn with her wide leg trousers to now seeing the Cate Blanchett’s of the world carry them off so elegantly, it is undeniable that these trousers, and there encompassing masculinity, hold there own timeline in the history of fashion. Adding stripes to this wardrobe classic makes this piece that much more relevant and that much more appealing to our summer wardrobe.

A stripe, a man style trouser and a slide. I’m set for a relaxed, kick-back summer.

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