Jennifer Lopez’s California home is on the market … for $17 million.

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Jennifer Lopez put her Hidden Hills mansion on the market for $17 million, according to Variety. The 17,129 square foot home was once featured in a spread in Veranda magazine, that highlighted the home’s stylish details and interior design, created by Michelle Workman.

The multitalented singer, actress, dancer and all around entertainer settled into the estate in 2010 after purchasing the home for $8.2 million with ex-husband Marc Anthony. The stunning home comes complete with nine bedrooms, 11 full bathrooms and two half baths, a recording studio, eight fireplaces, a wet bar and a wine cellar. And although it is unclear if J.Lo will be buying a new home in the LA area, she did recently scoop up an apartment in NYC and a home in the Hamptons.

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Text and images via: Elle Decor 

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