Clarisonic X Style By Yellow Button GIVEAWAY

The originator of the Sonicare sonic toothbrush, is now directing a new company and team of specialists, and this time has created a breakthrough in skin care technology: the Clarisonic skin Cleansing System
Clarisonic is a professional-calibre brush that uses a gently sonic micro-massge action to cleanse deeply. It gently clears pores without harsh abrasion or chemicals, cleansing so effectively that the skin care products absorb better. Clinical result of Clarisonic show that six times more makeup is removed than manual cleansing which can bring about the reduced appearance of pores, fine lines and winkles, and improved skin tone. Clarisonic Plus – RRP $265 

Below in the comment section write what you love about your mum. It’s that simple.
Winner announced on Sunday the 12th, Mothers Day.

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Best of luck!

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16 thoughts on “Clarisonic X Style By Yellow Button GIVEAWAY

  1. I have a long list of things I love about my Mum, but since I’m hungry right now what springs to mind is her roast lamb dinner.

  2. Her dedication to protecting children from harms way through her work in child safety. To her every child is important.

  3. Well, this was tough to write. My mum and I haven’t always gotten along so well. I always envied (and still do) those who have a close relationship with their mum. In spite of the ups and downs, there’s always been one thing that I’m so appreciative of. Mum always tried her best. She always did what she thought was right, regardless of what anyone else thought. She was tough on us but only because she wanted us to be our best. It taught me a lot of things but mostly it has made me who I am today, and for that I’ll always be grateful.

  4. Where do I start…..!?! Everything! Her love, her spirit, her generosity, her courage, her guidance, her warmth, her selflessness, and her HUGE heart. Happy Mother’s Day mama…I can only hope I’ll be half as good a mother as you!

  5. There’s no sentence or paragraph that can be written to describe what I love about her. There’s simply no way to word or express it until you experience her in person. I feel it be pointless to even try although all I can say is that I love her and its those words that sum up the fact that she means the world to me.

  6. I love that my mother is honest and caring. I love the strength of her character and her selflessness.

    I love that everyday she continues to make my sister and I better people.

  7. I love that she can always find the good in everyone she meets and find the silver lining in every situation (even having ME as a daughter when I was a teenager!!)

  8. I love that my mum has stuck by me in my darkest hours. she has nutured and shown me to love myself regardless what anyone says to me.
    She is been my wall of strength
    She is perfect in every way

  9. The fact that she saved up her pension and bought me vouchers for driving lessons so I could overcome my fear of driving. I took the lessons, and got my licence on my first attempt, aged almost 33!! I could never thank her enough for that.

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  11. Well I guess any mother daughter relationship is no fairy tale. There are a lot of up and downs to my own and I am have to admit she’s not a perfect mother as I am a daughter either. But what I like most about her is how despite her weaknesses and flaws she always tries her best for the sake of her children. For example, she’s struggling with depression and anxiety last year, she was becoming hard to deal with, and even she can’t handle herself, but she is still manage to comfort me when I lost a baby, 6 months ago. She’s not he best in showing her affection nor choosing a loving words, but during my rock bottom times, she’s always been there for me, although she’s facing her own battle. I could never re pay her. I love her spirits and her never giving up, I wish her strength could pass on to me.

  12. Even though she’s been sick for a while now I love that my mum is more worried about everyone else than herself. She so deserves something to make her feel amazing when she’s felt so crap for so long.