Styling Services

Wardrobe Cleanse and Style Consultation


Your personal stylist will visit you in the comfort of your own home and work with you on devising what style you want to portray.

From there we will…

Review your existing wardrobe and advise what you keep or give away
Create head to toe styled outfits for you with your clothes and accessories
Give you simple everyday styling tips you can use now and in the future
Advise how to recognise and select flattering items for your body type
Create a shopping list of what you need to buy to ‘fill the gaps’


Director POA.
Stylist $170+GST per hour (min 3 hours)

Your Very Own Personal Shopping Trip


A guided, pre-planned experience, shopping at stores to suit your style and budget with your own personal stylist.

A relaxed experience and you will see first-hand where the great stores are to shop
Ideal for a wardrobe update, a lifestyle change or a specific event
Unbiased shopping opinions and advice.


Stylist $170+GST per hour (min 3 hours)

A Tailored Package…
Just For You


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