Wearing Your Summer Pieces in Winter, it’s a Thing

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I never thought I’d say it, but I’m almost sick of wearing jeans. It’s my standard go-to option for these cooler days. I cleared out my wardrobe a few weeks ago and some of my favourite summer pieces I’d barely worn were hanging – all but forgotten. So it got me thinking. It’s not like we have snow outside. And my challenge to myself was to start wearing these great pieces during the cooler months. The question is how ?

Hallejulia! Thank goodness the knit is being celebrated this season. The bigger the better, the chunkier the warmer. It makes mixing and matching very easy. Pairing a similar tone of a knit with one of my summer skirts was quite easy. And sneakers ? Well, I wear these with absolutely everything. They are oh so easy and warm. It was a bit confronting though. I haven’t seen my legs in months (Note to self – add fake tan to the shopping list.)

Knit: Country Road

Skirt: Zimmermann

Sneakers: Adidas 

_MG_7297 _MG_7278 _MG_7306 _MG_7308




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