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“My design philosophy is to make women feel like peacocks”, Matthew Williamson told Teen Vogue in 2009. And, as I sat waiting to interview this incredible creative I looked to my right. In the metallic chair next to me sat a cushion with an almost life sized peacock – feathered, plump, and alive with colour. I knew I was in the right place.

Last month whilst in London I interviewed this talented designer with the goal of finding out more about him, the history of his brand and, moving forward, what comes next.

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Claire: Congratulations on your 15-year anniversary. You have created truly spectacular designs over your career. What can we expect to see next? 

Matthew: Thank you. It was a real milestone for the brand and it gave me a chance to reflect on the journey to date as well as an opportunity to focus on where I wanted to go. The next chapter for me is about adding new layers to the brand but also retaining its DNA. For my autumn/winter’ 13

collection I wanted to take a fresh perspective and played with a new silhouette – there was a lot more tailoring and different proportions like the mid-length wrap skirts and oversized tops. It’s an exciting time for the brand – this season sees the debut of my new leather bag collection and collaboration with British knitwear brand, Ballantyne. Additionally, I am also working on a wallpaper and furnishing fabric line with Osborn and Little.

Claire: Can you pinpoint the one defining moment in your career which has led you to where you are?

Matthew: Looking back, there have been a handful of pivotal moments which have been instrumental in creating the story of the brand. Starting with the moment I met my best friend and CEO, Joseph Velosa to the moment I sent the first samples through to Plum Sykes at British Vogue. These small events at the beginning really created the initial momentum for the brand.

matthew williamson, style by yellow button, claire fabb, vogue australia, blogger, fashion, designer, interview, profile

Claire: Who is the Matthew Williamson woman?

Matthew: My collections have always been more about an attitude and an idea. I am drawn to a certain insouciant but down-to-earth spirit and that often comes through in my designs. There isn’t a quintessential Matthew Williamson woman and the customers I meet in my Mayfair store are a real testament to this; they come from all walks of life and there is a real range in terms of age, ethnicity and lifestyles. Ultimately, I like to think they are drawn to my pieces because it makes them feel beautiful and they can have fun in them.

Claire: What are two things every (stylish) woman should own?

Matthew: A good pair of sunglasses to cover all manner of sins and a great pair of shoes.

Claire: What has been your favourite collection to date and why?

Matthew: Asking a designer to pick their favourite collection is like asking a mother to pick her favourite child. I know how hard I’ve worked for each one and each remains special to me in some way. I must admit though that I probably always favour the newest collection.

Claire: Who, or what influences your design each season? How do you create such beautiful, yet different collection time after time?

Matthew: As a designer my mind never really stops. It is constantly whirring and taking in ideas. I often draw inspiration from nature, art and global influences in my collection. But I also find a lot of great ideas in London, as it is such an international hub.

Claire: Who is Matthew Williamson (the man, not the designer)? How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

Matthew: Perfectionist, humorous, meticulous, energetic, optimistic.

Claire: What is your most played song on your iPod/ computer?

Matthew: Right now I think it’s probably Daft Punk’s, Get Lucky or something from Haim.

Claire: Finish this sentence. My perfect holiday is… 

Matthew: Somewhere quite simple; sun, space, time. Good food and friends – the ultimate luxury.

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Claire: What is your definition of style? 

Matthew: Style is more of an attitude and idea. Coco Chanel summed it up perfectly when she said ‘Fashion comes and goes but style lasts forever’.

Claire: What is your perception of the style in Australia compared to that of our English friends? 

Matthew: When I think of style I immediately think of women like Yasmin Sewell, who know how to push the boundaries but have lots of fun with fashion. There seems to be a lot happening at the moment in terms of Australian fashion – it’s exciting as there’s lots of new ideas and emerging talent coming out who are really garnering a lot of international attention.

Claire: Can you tell me the story behind your beautiful neckpiece? 

Matthew: When I was a baby my mum had a pendant around her neck, like a little disk with her initials. And there are loads of pictures of me as a baby with it in my mouth. So when I turned 40 last year she bought me this. It’s like a version of hers ‘end of a new, love forever’. I can’t take it off.

Claire: And the watch?

Matthew: The watch is from my business partner Joseph. When we first met (when I was 18) he bought me this watch and it’s not particularly anything but I loved it. It’s so rare that you get something given, that you’re like; I love it! Anyway, long story short, I went to Sicily a year and a half ago and I stayed in quite a nice hotel, and I usually take my watch off before I go to sleep. So I put it beside the bed and went down for breakfast. I came back up and it was gone. I was literally in floods of tears because it’s more about him and it’s sentimental. Anyway, months and months went by and then I turned 40 and on the night of my birthday he went, “there you go, happy birthday”, and I opened it and it was the watch. He had found another one off eBay.

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matthew williamson, claire fabb, vogue, spy style, blogger, style by yellow button, fashion, interview, profile, studio

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