Video: AJE x Amber Sceats

Video: AJE x Amber Sceats

Sydney-based fashion label Aje showcases its latest partnership with jewellery designer, Amber Sceats, in a creative film collaboration displaying its collection, shot by renowned director, Benn Jae.

The collaboration, born through the friendship between Amber and Aje founders Edwina Robinson and Adrian Norris, marks a foundation of mutual interest and complementation and the launch of this creative project shows the interesting and engaging results in a way that traditional fashion- photography can’t.

In a stark move, Aje and Sceats strip back the setting of the short film to the natural and exposed surroundings of the Tempus Two winery in the Hunter Valley – brand sponsors for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – to emphasise the essence of their creative partnership.
Puberty Blues star Isabelle Cornish, little sister of Abbie Cornish, and Adelaide-born Home and Away actress, Samara Weaving, were chosen to model the clothing in the film. Isabelle has been dressed by Aje and Amber Sceats for events over the past two years and both the girls’ style and attitude fit the brand exceptionally. 

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