Matthieu Belin: LIFE Magazine

Matthieu Belin is a French photographer working and living in China. With the desire to uncover his curiosities, his photography focuses on the interplays of light, time, and contemplation. says the artist, “exploring consciousness through the eye of possibility, I am unendingly fascinated by the mysteries of form and the surprising secrets they can unveil.” For a taste of his work, check out this stunning black and white fashion editorial shot in Ningbo, China for LIFE Magazine. 

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One thought on “Matthieu Belin: LIFE Magazine

  1. Being born and raised in China, I can’t help feeling a certain level of familiarity towards editorials that are shot in China and featuring Asian models. Yet, through the lens of talented photographers such as Matthieu Belin here, new perspectives and mind-blowing beauties of those familiar views are uncovered and on display.