LOUIS VUITTON: Ready-to-Cut-Out

I’m a huge fan of something new, innovative and technical. However,  I’m just as impressed with something simple with a touch of youthful innocence (and of course still supremely styled).
Bravo Louis Vuitton!!  After a Christmas of ipads, ipods, a faulty BigPond modem on Xmas eve which meant no internet for a week (and counting, don’t ask…..) I’m loving the playful and simple collaboration between Louis Vuitton, prominent stylist Kim Hersov, and Australian fashion illustrator, Kerrie Hess.  

The project, titled ‘Ready-to-Cut’, features paper dolls designed by Kerrie Hess and styled by Kim Hersov to demonstrate some unique Looks – a ‘mix and match’ of adaptable pieces from both the Spring/Summer 2013 Collection, and Ready to Wear Icons of the House. 

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