Julie Blackmon Photography

This series of photographs by Julie Blackmon are just like a puzzle, or a Where’s Wally book. When each time you look at a photo you see something different, it’s so unique and so mesmerising….
An extract from Trendland by Margherita Visentini explains it perfectly…
The American photographer Julie Blackmon has a unique way of portraying everyday life. Her works are rich in geometric shapes and details, stolen directly from Dutch and Flemish painters of about 400 years ago while in their setting and lighting they evoke the paintings f Edward Hopper.  History of art has indeed inspired her photos, together with fantasy, surrealism and a touch of nostalgia. “We live in a culture where the struggle between living in the moment versus escaping to another reality is intense since these two opposites strive to dominate” says the artist.  Like the human presence, the house and the outdoors turn into an additional “character” in almost every work. 

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