Introducing été – resort dressing refined – designed by Claire Fabb

Ete-Sept2019-HiRes-115 Ete-Sept2019-HiRes-7

Paloma Dress – Yellow Prickles. $250


Last year when we were travelling in India I made a range of dresses for myself because I wanted some gorgeous frocks to wear every day no matter the occasion. I fell in love with the vibrant colors and patterns and learnt about the incredible block print process in making these beautiful hand printed fabrics.

It was only supposed to be a personal passion project. But after being stopped more times than I could count from lovely ladies wanting to know where they could buy them, I decided to design a range of dresses for all.

Introducing my new resort collection ….called ete.



Frankie Dress in Blossom – $250

Ete-Sept2019-HiRes-35 Ete-Sept2019-HiRes-36

The Ramona Kaftan in Animalia $250

Ete-Sept2019-HiRes-47 Ete-Sept2019-HiRes-174 Ete-Sept2019-HiRes-52

The Ramona Kaftan in Green Paisley $250

Ete-Sept2019-HiRes-59    Ete-Sept2019-HiRes-72 Ete-Sept2019-HiRes-175 Ete-Sept2019-HiRes-85

The Paloma Dress in Daisy Print $250

Ete-Sept2019-HiRes-89   Ete-Sept2019-HiRes-104

Valentina Dress in white white $250

Ete-Sept2019-HiRes-115 Ete-Sept2019-HiRes-122


Kennedy Kaftan $250

Ete-Sept2019-HiRes-143 Ete-Sept2019-HiRes-145 Ete-Sept2019-HiRes-149   Ete-Sept2019-HiRes-159

Ginger Dress in Red Paisley $250

Ete-Sept2019-HiRes-176    Ete-Sept2019-HiRes-180

The Paloma in Bluebell Print $250

Ete-Sept2019-HiRes-183 Ete-Sept2019-HiRes-192    Ete-Sept2019-HiRes-194 Ete-Sept2019-HiRes-197


You can find it on instagram @ete_resort and shop directly via or call via 0410 625 427.

Ete-Sept2019-HiRes-200 Ete-Sept2019-HiRes-210

Ginger dress in Blue Hen $250


Also, the range is available at Le Marche du Luxe pop up shop

Address:  Le Marché du Luxe, 2/5 Knox St, Double Bay (in the lane way opposite Cole Hair Studio)

Instagram : @ete_resort

Facebook: @stylebyyellowbutton

Email :

Claire X


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