GOOP: Understanding Mediumship and When a Sign is Really a Sign

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There have been times in my life when I’ve visited mediums. A time when I’ve needed a bit of direction, reassurance and exploring something I didn’t quite understand, but at the same time, really enjoyed.

It’s something I haven’t thought too hard about. But people often ask..What is it? What is real? Should you believe?

This popped up on my GOOP feed and I thought a great article to share. I know there are more than just a few of us out there who love a great story. About ourselves 😉


Theresa Caputo is one of those people who needs little in the way of introduction. Otherwise known as the Long Island Medium, the star of the hit TLC show of the same name can channel people who have passed over, and connect them with their loved ones who are still on this side – she also does a live show that’s supposed to be incredible. As a side project, she’s also launched her own line of custom jewellery, which is actually quite cool: She can take any bit of hand-writing or drawing and casts it into silver or gold charm. At $175, it’s a pretty great price for keeping someone you love near. We had a chance to sit down with Theresa this summer and asked her a few questions.

A Q&A with Theresa Caputo.

Q: What does being a Medium actually mean ? Are you also psychic/ intuitive?

A: A medium is someone who is able to connect with people who have crossed over. I don’t consider myself a psychic, but I just have a knowing and I am extremely intuitive. But I think everyone is intuitive to some extent.

Q: When did you know that you had this gift? Was it part of your childhood?

A: From the very young age of 4, I can remember being able to connect with people who have passed. It was a very big part of my childhood, but I thought everyone sensed and felt the same things that I do. I didn’t realise until later that I was actually connecting with people who had died. I was 28 years old when my gift became clear to me.

Q: What does it feel like ? What happens when you are in a reading and how does the information come to you ?

A: I just start sensing and feeling things that mean nothing to me, but that are life-changing or the people around me. All of a sudden, I’ll feel like I can’t breathe, or I’ll feel like there’s a father energy present. Sometimes I will see flashes, or what seem like mini film strips of signs and symbols. There are what allow me to relay messages to someone.

Q: Are you able to control it, or turn it off ?

A: No. Spirit is always there and willing to communicate. There’s no turning it off, but sometimes I just don’t answer them or acknowledge  their presence. They don’t always push me enough, or give me enough information to communicate, so I leave it in Spirit’s hands.

Q: Do you think that everyone has the ability to some extent ? If so, how do you cultivate it?

A: I believe that everyone has the ability to connect with their own loved ones who have died. A way that you can be more open to connecting with Spirit is just by being aware of the things that gone on around you that you might  think are just odd or a coincidence, but it reminds you of your loved one that died. It’s often a symbol. Embrace that at that moment.

Q: Does the person who has crossed over always appear in readings, or only if they have something to say? Do you ever go reaching for them ?

A: I do not reach for Spirits. When I do a reading, I always do a meditation so the Spirit knows that I am ready to communicate. And as I give my speech to my client, the Spirit starts letting their presence be known. They always have something to say, and sometimes it comes in the form of releasing specific burdens or guilts. Sometimes it’s just a validation that they are still with us.

Q: Do people who have passed over ever have bad intent, or is it generally always a light and positive experience? Do they have specific information that they want to share, or is it generally always that they’re there and present ?

A: The souls that I channel are only allowed to deliver messages that will help someone to embrace life with happiness and joy. The Spirit will bring up things that happen years ago to remind them of the good times, and things that have happened since they’ve passed to show that they are still present with us. The Spirit communicates with specific experiences, emotions and memories that only they would know so their loved ones know that it’s them.

Q: If you didn’t do this, how would you want to spend your time?

A:  Shopping. That’s the only other thing I’m good at !

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