Do you ever feel like you just don’t get anything done in a day? Or more accurately, don’t get to do what you were supposed to do in the day?

We’re all juggling so much these days that it’s easy to feel we’re always behind. But to be fair, we’re all doing so much more than we should be doing in the first place, that we should remember to be kind to ourselves and be more forgiving.

However, given the rapid pace of the modern world, we can all do with some help being more efficient, so our to-do list doesn’t overwhelm us!


Here are 5 tips to help you work and live more efficiently and help reduce the pressure:

  1. Prioritise and set goals. If goal setting sounds a little too Tony Robbins for you, remember it’s actually a great way to prioritise and set targets. Prioritising really needs to be a part of your daily life. If we didn’t do that, we wouldn’t get the important things done. You probably do this without even thinking about it every day, but it’s also helpful to prioritise more formally with your lists and goals. For example, you may have a notebook or Evernote with your to-do’s, but a really useful addition to that is to have a daily planner sheet, and note what you HAVE to do today. So whatever happens, you can remember what your priorities are. Ovolo030216-Hi-79-copy
  2. Hone your communication skills. If you can communication in both the written form and verbally in a succinct yet friendly manner, you can save lots of time without the need for multiple phone calls and emails. If your communication is unclear or you forget something, you can get bogged down with emails and phone calls back and forward when you could be moving onto the next thing.
  3. Value your time. You need to remember your worth in general and what your time is worth. Value that and don’t allow yourself to be dragged into time-wasting activities like office gossip and checking social media every 5 minutes. Practice some discipline when it comes to your working hours and don’t allow yourself to be distracted. Also set some boundaries with yourself in regards to how often you allow yourself to check your emails and social media depending on your work.
  4. Be organised. Get yourself organised so everything has a place and you have a routine. Having a daily routine is a great way to help your time management and efficiency. Also have everything organised at home and work, helps save time looking for things and forgetting things.
  5. Sleep. Getting enough rest and sleep is essential to your efficiency. We’re much more productive when we’re well rested and our brains can function properly. Although short bursts of stress/adrenalin can help us meet a deadline, chronic stress and lack of sleep can cause us to become inefficient and slow.

I hope that gives you a few ideas to help you tackle your busy schedule and work-load. Remember to be kind to yourself and schedule in some much needed rest too.


Celina Gregory

The Mindful Mentor

Wellbeing Consultant

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